Different Ways to Wear Tweed Right Now

6.1Tweed is a traditional English fabric that can be seen in Scottish skirts. It was not much available in the previous years but currently, the top fashion houses are designing clothes using tweeds. You will see that tweed has been used in skirts, dresses and pant suits that are ideal for the summer months. Tweed is a sturdy material and can be used roughly. It is also resistant to wind and water.

Different types of Tweed Outfits

Tweed comes in a number of varieties; Harris and Donegal are two of them. There are different designs in tweed that are very eye-catching. The plain tweed, which is intertwined in twill design, is the one mostly used and the best to wear. There is the herringbone tweed which has a V shaped pattern and it is actually beautiful to see.  There is also the houndstooth tweed which is characterized by a broken check design. Finally, there is overcheck tweed with large checks. Tweed is very strong and practical for regular use. British houses have come up with tweed jackets with padded finish as the new trend. Another brand has fashioned a collared jacket which can be zipped up.  Now, Harris tweed is bringing back to life the charm of the old tweed.

How tweed has taken over the fashion market?

The famous fashion houses in UK came with different tweed outfits this fall, bringing back the traditional material in vogue. The men’s fashion houses came with a suit to be worn on the hottest shows. In the men’s field, it is very versatile and can be used for any event as a blazer. The blazer can be buttoned down as well for formal functions as a three piece suit. Tweed is ideal for autumn or winter wear, as it is a sturdy insulating material ideal for getting protection against cold and providing character to the outfit.

6.3Benefits of Seasonal Wear

Tweeds are ideal for the colder climate. If you resort to seasonal wear, the fabric will last for a long time. So if you start wearing tweeds this season, you will be  part of the new trend in fashion. Tweed is a fabric weaved in twill with a woolen finish. It is is tough and depending on the way it had been intertwined, it brings out different colors and patterns, such as the windowpane checks, houndstooth and Prince of Wales. Since its emergence, there has been a variety of men’s outfits in tweed. If you want to buy just one outfit in tweed, it is best to opt for a three piece suit and wear it formally.

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