Stellar Celebrity Pools

2.1Be it heating the silver screen, runway, or the art world, a large number of celebrities do know the exact way to make a splash at their luxurious homes with beautiful swimming pools. Let us have a look at 6 of the stellar celebrity pools that can put the best of beaches to shame.

  1. Courtney Cox

Her retreat in Malibu has an infinity pool in the backyard which appears as if it is connected directly to the ocean below. The Christian Liaigre table and Sutherland ottomans complete the picture and make the pool a perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon.

  1. Ben Stiller

Actor Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor invested in a property in the Hollywood Hills and have completely turned it upside down to accommodate themselves and their young family. The house has a beautiful Spanish Revival aura with subtle Middle-Eastern notes to enhance the luxury of the home. The house a bi-level pool deck which features attractive Moroccan tiles in between a lush green tropical setting.

  1. 2.2Ashton Kutcher

His former home in the Hollywood Hills was known to have a floating dining area and an infinity pool which gave entrance to the house. It also has a mind-blowing patio which gave an incredible view of Hollywood Lake. However, Ashton left this home and recently purchased a more traditional baby-safe mansion along with her partner Mila Kunis.

  1. DJ Avicii

The Swedish DJ has a luxurious mansion in the Bird Street which has a pool that starts right from the entrance of the home and then merges into a large lap pool. This lap pool then again flows in a cantilevered pool which flows from a side of the home. This amazing water-work along with the breathtaking views from the house, combine with his music skills to keep the party going 24 x 7.

  1. Drake

He is known to have one of the best celebrity pools in his Hidden Hills mansion. The pool has an amazing grotto section which is illuminated by torch, double waterfalls and a small swim-up bar to complete the picture. Close to the pool is a beautiful ping-pong table, large fireplace, and a sand area for playing volleyball.

  1. Miley Cyrus-

Apart from her weird antics on stage, Miley also has a weird backyard in this home which she purchased in the year 2011. Some of the features of this backyard are a small pool, a Hollywood sign, and a full-sized white horse.

These are some of the most amazing celebrity pools which we can only appreciate through pictures. If you are planning to get a small swimming pool for your home, these are some of the most perfect spots to take inspiration from.

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