Robert Pattinson Is Getting Into the Fashion Game in a Completely Unexpected Way

3.1Robert Pattinson stole millions of teen’s hearts after the Twilight Saga series. He is one of the sensational figures in the fashion industry. Pattinson started modeling when he was 12, and his contract was cancelled because of his poor masculine. He re-appeared in the Hacket advertising campaign on 2006 autumn collection.

Dior – Ambassador

Dior Homme is a popular clothing retailer from French. The brand introduced lots of slim silhouettes that created a revolution in the fashion industry. Dior announced Pattinson as the new brand ambassador in June 2013. He was featuring lots of add campaign that include 1000-LIVES. Pattinson again appeared in 2016 January Dior campaign directed by Peter Lindbergh. After that, he was announced as a first Dior Ambassador for Menswear that showcased in 2016 fall collection, which was directed by Karl Lagerfeld.

3.2Dior – Respects Pattinson’s Privacy.

Robert Pattinson has been the top model in Karl Lagerfeld shows. He was given the freedom to choose shows that he personally liked. Dior gave him a lot of liberty and never forced him to work under their conditions. Lots of agencies do not allow the actors and actresses to take part in the public shows during the contract period. However, Dior respected the freedom of Pattinson’s private life and allowed him to take part in the public events and shows. Pattinson loves the atmosphere of Dior because it is not practicing any standard corporate rituals.

3.3Pattinson Owned Design

Pattinson made a surprise announcement in Numero summer collection that he is going to launch his design in the near future. So he is going to jump into the fashion world with his own innovative designs. Pattinson has been planning lots of designing for the last two years with the help of the finest craftsman in the industry.

Pattinson’s clothing style has been followed by millions of people across the world. Now it is confirmed that Pattinson is going to jump into the fashion world and make lots of fortune out of it.

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