It’s Official: Belt Bags Are Back

3.1Belt bags have recently made their appearance in the fashion industry. Waist bag or belt bag is now here to stay. It is very convenient and stylish to have a belt bag that leaves your hands free for other work. It gives the idea of being super slim around the waist. A black or off-white color will match with everything and you will have no problem to find a bag every time you are dressed to go out.


Different Styles in Belt Bags

This is the beginning of the tenure of belt bags. They come in different styles; some are a little flat with a thinner belt while others are a little broader. However, these bags did not replace the handbags which are usually carried on the shoulder. Some ladies like to carry only the belt bag. Belt bag is also carried beside the shoulder bag, even while wearing skirts. In the case of utility, belt bag  has taken over fashion. Your outfit gets a military look with this bag. The belt bag came into existence with the designer’s love for music and dancing.

Original Style of Belt Bag

3.2A belt bag has a chain waist belt with multiple pouches so that it could be worn in four different ways. The designer of the bag was seen sporting a snakeskin bag over a pleated pink skirt and found it was the most convenient place to keep a mobile. The belt bag is actually not here to replace the handbag but only to be used when hands need to be freed for other work. High-top brands in fashion have made alterations to the 90’s belt bag model that are slick and beautiful.  They have become very slim and small with thin chains for matching them with capes and slick trousers as fashion trend.

3.3Different styles of Belt Bag

As the Haute couture has arrived with the belt bag, it is only a matter of time before the trend will be followed by the rest. Whether it is the bum bag or the belt bag, it is back again in the world of fashion, thus making it comfortable to wear this belt bag on jeans without having to carry any bag. It is also very convenient to carry your mobile phone in this belt bag. All your necessities can be accommodated here without any trouble. This slick belt bag holds your make up products, licenses and other necessities securely while you enjoy yourself dancing.

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