This New Kind of Mascara Will Totally Blow Your Mind

4.1Lengthening, curling, adding volume and separating lashes are the main functions of mascara, but it can do a lot more than these to your expectations. Now, with the MAC Pro Beyond Twisted Lash and its bendy wand, you can easily twist your lashes.

Twist and turn

As seen in the picture, you can easily see how flexible and smooth bendy wand is, allowing you to maneuver it easily by gently stroking to your eye lashes. The crisscross pattern first makes us surprised; but later, we acknowledge the usage of latest technology for improving the pattern to give lashes a lush, wavy look. Mark your calendars if you have any indulgence in buying mascaras. This indulgence, however, will cost you $22. But beauty is priceless and it has no boundaries.

4.2MAC is renowned for its sustained premium quality of products. Over the years, the quality and standard of work have been kept intact by the company. MAC’s latest bendy wand mascara is going to conquer your hearts soon. This time, along with other products, MAC has focused on improving the overall quality.

Application of the Lower lash

Normally, it is quite difficult for makeup artists to apply mascara evenly and neatly to lower lash and corners. This purpose is simply unattainable with straight brush and they need to bend mascara wand to give eyelashes an extra volume. MAC care for its customers and this issue will not be present anymore. Very soon, you will be having bendy wand mascara in the Mac store to apply it neatly and evenly on every single lash. Thus, your eyes will look even more beautiful and fuller with MAC bendy wand.

4.3Quality of MAC products

You can easily find mascara in the handbag or vanity bag of every woman. Without mascaras, mornings are dull and incomplete as your eyes look down and drowsy. Few strokes of mascara can bring freshness and life to your sleepy eyes. The freshness is enhanced remarkably if the applied mascara belongs to MAC. Start saving few pennies and dollars in your piggy bank because the wait for MAC bendy wand mascara is going to end pretty soon and you will be rushing to grab your piece. You can also surprise your girlfriend by presenting her this unique and quality gift that will add beauty to her face. Thus, you will be delighted to see her cheerful expressions because every girl loves mascara.

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