Need the best hiking gear list for female trekkers?


If you are an adventurous female who loves hiking and needs the best hiking gear list available for female trekkers, this article is definitely for you.

  • WhatYou Really Need?

There are a lot of hiking gear lists available online, but not all of them point out the specific and important gears necessary to have. Here are some important hiking gears that every trekker needs to have a memorable and enjoyable trek.

Waterproof Backpack:  This is important because you will never know what the weather will be like while you are hiking with all the stuff you need for this purpose. As a result, the size of your backpack is very important. Make sure your backpack has enough space for all your stuff to fit in, but it is not too big so that it weighs you down throughout the journey.4.2

Waterproof Pants and Jackets: Get the ones that give you an option to remove layers so that you do not end up stranded when a cold storm emerges.

Hiking Shoes: Hiking Shoes are one of the most important gears to bring with you. They are a good investment since they give the maximum comfort. Your hiking shoes can make or break your trekking experience. There is nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Headlamp: It provides you with light in a convenient way. The lamp is hands-free and placed on the head in a well-balanced manner. When you are going on long treks, there is no guaranteed supply of electricity for you. So another lighting source is a major necessity when it starts getting dark.

  • Gears for Body Support/Health

Trekking pole: If you have joint problems, an adjustable trekking pole will provide a very good support to you.

4.3Easy drying towel: You need to keep yourself clean so that your skin can continue looking good. You may not have access to running water while hiking, so this type of towel is a good cleansing option.  

A water bottle: It is crucial to have because you need water frequently. In order to get refills, you need a water bottle. Trekking without water is not a good idea, especially if you have no access to it.

A sleeping sack: It is very good to have because you need a good night sleep after having a tiresome day. However, ensure it is not too heavy and very easy to manipulate!

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