Mila Kunis Will Make You Want to Wear a Low Ponytail All Day, Every Day


Mila Kunis is famous American actress. She has worked in the Friends with Benefit, Oz the Great and Powerful, and Ted etc. She is very famous for her unique style. Lately at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, she appeared wearing a low ponytail, which was quite exceptional.

Low ponytail is back in fashion

Since a very long time lob and low bob haircuts were in fashion. But recently low ponytails have also re-appeared in fashion. Ponytails were part of fashion since the beginning of humanity. Women always tied their hairs in ponytails. With the passage of time other hairstyles kicked in, and ponytails went out of fashion. But it is not the case anymore. Young girls are following low ponytail style with excitement, especially after seeing Mila Kunis wearing a low ponytail at CinemaCon.  Low ponytails look very cute and classy. It is that kind of fashion which you can wear in any formal and informal events.

4.2Gives a sophisticated look

Low ponytails add up your beauty. It is a great style to wear on work. If you are tired of wearing up-dos daily on work, then you can consider trying low ponytails. It would not only keep your hair in place, but will also bring variation in your look. They can make you look younger and cuter.

It enhances your feminine beauty. You are going out with your friends on weekend, but you do not want to over style your hair, then you can try wearing a low ponytail. It would tie up all your challenging strands of hair.

4.3Looks great on straight hair

Ladies with straight hair get excited as low ponytails are back in fashion. Now you can wear low ponytail any time anywhere. Low ponytails look amazing on straight hair. If you are going on prom night, and wearing a long dress then a sleek and simple low ponytail would work well.

The best part about low ponytails is that they compliment any dress or look. If you want to try something unique with your hair, then you can wear side low ponytail. Girls with long hair can try wearing low ponytail on various occasions.


Sometimes it can be very difficult to handle your hair. For such time low ponytail fashion is here. You can simply tie your hairs in low ponytail at the back.

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