Luxurious Celebrity Homes with Outrageous Features: From Will Smith To Mark Zuckerberg

4.1We do have a number of celebrities whose reputation cannot be just complemented with a large mansion. They need a lot more than a large home in multiple cities all over the world to stand out among the rest. Sometimes his can be a part of their hobby or an idea which the celebrity has been toying with since the childhood.

Let us have a look at 5 luxurious celebrity homes with outrageous features.

  1. Will Smith and his Mansion with its Own Zip Code

Will Smith’s luxurious mansion in Calabasas, CA, is large enough to easily accommodate multiple golf courses and basket courts. But apart from its grandeur, what makes this mansion unique is that it has its own Zipcode. Yes, a mansion with a separate zip code! It is due to this outrageous feature of his mansion, Will Smith is also known as the ‘’Fresh Prince’’ in Calabasas.

  1. John Travolta and his Mansion with a Jet and Runway

Many celebrities have huge parking spaces to park their fleet of expensive automobiles, but not John Travolta. His love for jets is well-known in the industry and when he purchased his mansion in Florida, he made sure that it has a jet runway as well. While the mansion itself is not very expensive and he spent around $4 million on it, the runway makes sure that it is exclusive. As a matter of fact, Travolta has a pilot license and while other celebrities splurge on automobiles, he has his own fleet of planes, which also includes a Boeing 707.

  1. Hugh Hefner and his (In) Famous Playboy Mansion

4.2A lot of people want to purchase a house near natural landscapes, like waterfalls, lakes and springs. Then there are others, like Hugh Hefner who builds waterfalls in their home itself. His $54 million Playboy mansion in LA has simulated waterfalls, along with an aviary and a zoo.

  1. Bill Gates and his Fortress

Located in the Medina area of Washington is Xanadu, which is the largest private residence in the entire US and it belongs to none other than Bill Gates. The fortress is worth more than $120-million and is known to have a variety of geeky and high-tech features. Some of them are that, every guest at Xanadu is required to wear a smart pin for tracking their movement in the house. Moreover, the climate, lighting, and music in the house can be adjusted as per the guest’s preferences.


  1. Mark Zuckerberg and his Modest $7M Home


Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most famous millionaires of our times but his modest house worth $7M in the Silicon Valley talks nothing about his bank account. The home can be defined as pretty modest when compared to the homes of other CEOs who’ve made it big in the valley. The house has a saltwater swimming pool, spa, a yard, a neat porch, and big windows that combine together to make it look like a modest upper middle-class house.


These were some of the celebrity homes with the weirdest of features. These outrageous features suggest that our beloved celebrities actually like to live their life king-size.

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