Liam Hemsworth Says He Is ‘Not Engaged’ to Miley Cyrus

6.1The Hunger game star Liam Hemsworth says he is ‘Not Engaged’ to Miley Cyrus in an Australia’s TV Week interview.  He has ended his relationship with Miley Cyrus and they are not going to be engaged in future.

Miley Cyrus’s Reaction

The gorgeous 23-year-old Miley Cyrus was spotted with a mysterious friend in the Nobu restaurant. She was not bothered about the latest revelation of her ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth about their engagement.

Engagement breakup

Cyrus was wearing a white flashing ring that was given by Hollywood star Hemsworth in 2012 for the remembrance of their engagement. In September 2013, they both called off their engagement after one year because of unknown reasons.

After the breakup, Cyrus had celebrated last year’s 31st night with Hemsworth’s family and many believed that both of  them were having a good understanding again . However, the 26 years old Hemsworth publicly declared that he was not engaged to Miley Cyrus anymore.

6.2Miley Takes on Liam’s announcement

Miley reacted differently to Hemsworth’s announcement. She was spotted with her sister in New York Knicks game  wearing the engagement ring. Many people speculated that the engagement was back on track. However, one of the Hollywood’s inside sources revealed that Hemsworth needs confirmation from Cyrus before making their wedding announcement official.

They were seen together in Los Angeles at the premier show of Winter’s War after breaking the engagement . They both were happy and seemed like a perfect celebrity pair. The rumor was further confirmed by Liam’s sister Elsa Paskey’s photo with Miley posted on social media.


Miley fears that Hemsworth might succumb to family pressure and dump her. Many people think that Hemsworth’s life without Cyrus  would be devastating and horrible. No matter if it is a fact or not, Miley and Hemsworth needed each other for living happily.

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