Lena Dunham Shows Hillary Clinton Pride in Your Favorite High School Outfit

Lena Dunham Shows Hillary Clinton Pride in Your Favorite High School Outfit

2.1Lena Dunham has been showing her steadfast support to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign wearing different outfits in many places.

Continuing Her Support

Few month back, Lena Dunham donned a dress with the name “Hillary” when she campaigned in Iowa. She printed Hillary’s face on her bag and took it with her wherever she went. She had a slogan stating that Hillary is not that kind of candidate. Dunham had many bags with a different slogan about Hillary’s presidential campaign.


2.2Following On Instagram

She posted Hillary’s New Hampshire first-day campaign photos on her Instagram page. She made it clear to the world that Hillary is a perfect president candidate for the upcoming election. She continues to campaign for Hillary through Instagram putting photos of her various outfits. She wrote “Vote 4 Hillary” in her black suit with buttons, posted photos on Instagram and became viral across social media.


No need to Answer the past

2.3Lena is an active supporter of women’s freedom. She supports Hillary’s stands on her husband’s past infidelities and urges the public not to ask her about it.  She urged media not to put questions on Clinton’s private life. According to Lena, Hillary is an excellent presidential candidate with a track record on protecting women. She made it clear that personal and public lives are two different tracks, and there is no need to bring them together. She is supporting Hillary for her leading qualities and not for being women. Dunham lives near Hillary’s Brooklyn campaign headquarter and is a genuine supporter of her.

Few days back, Lena Dunham posted a picture supporting Hillary on Instagram wearing a denim jack and graphic shirt.  She also wore a classical high school mini skirt with the jacket. This way, Lena Dunham shows Hillary Clinton pride in her favorite high school outfit.

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