Uh-Oh Kylie Lip Kit Shoppers May Have Had Their Personal Information Leaked

Kylie Jenner is the most passionate and vigorous lady conquering the world of beauty with each passing day. Her products are becoming more famous day by day and seeing her footsteps, Rihanna has made collaborations with Louis Vuitton.

Panic attack for customers

6.1Kylie always surprises us with her unusual behavior by launching new products out of nowhere. Women stay updated with Kylie’s cosmetic website for more restocking information and updates. The users faced the recent panic attack few days back that put their privacy at stake. After the restocking of products, shoppers were having online shopping experience and suddenly, it seemed like a monster jumped in and changed the whole scenario. Items that were filling the cart instantly started showing the status of sold out. The issue was aggravated when the customers were exposed with the account and privacy details of other people while clicking their own accounts’ info.

Kylie in action

6.2Kylie got connected with her fans and elaborated them how seriously she takes the makeup business as her passion. She tweeted that she will be taking steps to fix the problem that occurred primarily due to the unusual traffic. She will soon make the site ready to function properly.


6.3Complaints recorded about Kylie’s products

It seems like fortune is going against Kylie. Continuous negative incidents will definitely result in damage to Kylie’s reputation. Few hours back, one of the famous YouTube makeup tutorial artists complained about the poor quality product on social media platform along with captured photograph. It is quite shocking to see that products with such hype are poor at quality.

Kylie takes pride in stating that she personally steps in while designing the products. If this is the case, it is a matter of shame for her. Kylie did not take these comments to heart and responded amiably to the issue addressing that we all learn from our mistakes and she loves feedback whether it is positive or negative. As per her statement, she immediately changes the product manufacturing process when something doubtful appear. However, we really do not know what is happening behind curtains.

Following celebrities is fine, but blind following leads to ultimate loss related to emotions and skin. So be vigilant before investing your money in these high profile cosmetic products, as they sometimes disappoint us.

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