1.1It is going to be a peachella Coachella festival for Kyle Jenner and her millions of fans world over. This season, Kyle decided to get a new do for the Coachella festival and pink is the new black! For the very first time; definitely not the first in changing her hair color, Kylie has gone for a peach hair do that doesn’t transform much of her in terms of looks.

The Peach Hair Do

Of course Kylie didn’t die her hair pink for the festival; she got a pink hair wig for this year’s Coachella festival. She’s naturally a brunette and loves taking a break from her natural hair to experiment with different hair colors and lengths. The pink do was unveiled on Instagram, followed by a pink Emoji, and a video of her turning her head such that the new locks floated about on her face. There may be some doubt as to whether the new do is her real hair or wig, but its length definitely gives it away as a wig.

1.2The Coachella Festival

In the past Coachella festivals, Kylie has also had new hair dos for each of them. Last year, for example, Kylie chose a turquoise color for her hair. She has also experimented with blues, blonds, silver and green. She may very well be taking over from Rihanna in being the hair chameleon of the year this year, and subsequent years if she keeps up with her trend.

Kylie’s Hair Revolution

The 18 year old Keeping up with the Kardashians star first dyed her hair at age 16, without the permission of her mother. Since then, she has fallen for hair color experiments, much like Nikki Minaj and Rihanna did back then when they were still trying out a signature look. The experimentations run from very long mermaid hair to short crops and bobs, thanks to her Kylie Hair Kouture extensions. Apart from the great new hairdo, Kylie also rocked her new lip kit metallic mattes which are becoming one of her most prominent products so far.

1.3If you also wish to experiment with hair chameleon, you can try out her wigs which are available online. You can also try other weaves that are suitable for your pockets, but since you may be reading this because you are a Kylie fan, then go ahead and get yourself the Kylie Jenner extensions!

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