Katherine Heigl’s No Longer a Blonde! See Her Dramatic Hair Makeover


Katherine Heigl is an American actress and film producer. Most of you must know her from Grey’s anatomy and 27 dresses. She is a great actress and loves to change her hairstyles from time to time. Lately, she uploaded her photo in social media that revealed her short, wavy hairs with honey blonde highlights. They were looking great on her.



Hair color matters

6.2Hair is an essential part of your body, as it brings out your beauty. No matter if you are talking about room
colors or hair colors, they can create a big difference. If you do not like the natural color of your hair then you can bring different variations in it. There are multiple ways to do it. You can either take highlights out of your hair or completely dye your hair. If you want to go for a complete dye then make sure that you choose the color wisely. Keep your skin complexion in mind while selecting the color of your hairs. Always take your hairstylist’s advice before you make the final decision. If you are fair-colored and want to change the color of your hair, then try red, burgundy or may be golden brown. These are  the colors that stand out and make your complexion even fairer.

Change is good

It is always a good idea to keep bringing change in your hairstyle. You cannot always stick to a single style. Hair is the most dominant feature of your personality. It would be great if you give more concentration to it. You can try having different haircuts and hair colors. Nowadays, highlights are in full-swing in the fashion industry. Katherine Heigl also applied honey blonde highlights in her hairs that is making her even more beautiful.

It can be really boring to have the same haircut and hair color for years. Try to bring change in every three years.  Changes can also bring positivity in your nature.

Choose wisely

Do not just try any color on your hair. Always keep in mind to use reliable products. Take advice from your hairstylist before doing any color to your hair. Although you can color your hair at home, it is better to get it done from a salon as they use healthy and durable products. They also give you tips on how to keep your hair healthy after dying them.


Hurry up! Change your look now! Take the hair colour that would make heads turn your way.

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