Incredible Kimonos To Wear To The Beach

Kimonos are hitting the beach. This is not just a fashion trend, but a classic fashion staple that makes a

cool statement worn as a cover up. A kimono makes a glamorous, breezy cover up unlike the typical plain

cover ups seen all of the time. With many styles and prints to choose from, it’s fun to match a kimono to

a swim suit.

beach kimono 1A kimono robe is like a combination of a scarf and cape. They come in a variety of styles and offer comfort as well as glamour. The kimono is the perfect accessory to try out in the comfort and casualness of the beach. Kimonos are versatile. Their light flowing look fits in perfectly at the beach. Styles include long, short, midi, patterns, florals and a variety of fun colors. Long sleeves keep you protected from cool ocean breezes and as the sun sets at the beach.

Kimonos make the perfect summer accessory. Unique style, comfort and the fact that they are easy to throw on complete your summer outfit and make you feel glamorous. The variety of styles available this summer will make you feel like a supermodel just relaxing with friends at the beach. There are tons of ways to pair kimonos with swim suits.


Colorful patterns and bright colors

beach kimono 2Kimonos often come in a variety of colorful prints. These can easily be matched with a solid color bathing suit or bikini. They can also be mixed and matched with patterned suits. Florals give any suit and its wearer glamorous and sexy style. A white floral pattern against a solid bright color like red stands out at the beach and accentuates your feminine curves.

Animal prints are always sexy and animal prints are exciting to wear and clearly make a statement.

A black and white zebra print looks great with a colorful bikini. Leopard spots or tiger stripes will accentuate a gem colored swim suit such as purple or green.


Where to find great kimonos

Kimonos are very much in style this summer. They can be found just about anywhere. Some great places

to shop include Urban Outfitters, Charlotte Russe, Nordstrom Rack and Billaberry. Wherever you shop, you will find a great kimono to accessorize your beachwear.

beach kimono 4 beach kimono 3

Other great ways to wear a kimono this summer

beach kimono 5Not only are kimonos a great summer accessory for the beach, but they can make any casual, comfortable summer outfit glamorous, feminine, fun and sexy. Matched with jeans and a casual tee shirt, you can go just about anywhere with a colorful kimono. Dressed down with cutoffs and a tank top, a kimono will add just enough style to make you look like a super model. Match a kimono with just about any style of outfit for summer fun at a music or arts show.

You’ll fit in perfectly at Coachella. Who would of thought a glamorous silky robe would make the perfect summer cover up? A kimono will bring style, class and enchanting look to your swim suit. The kimono makes the perfect accessory for the beach.

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