Fall Planting: Celebrity Gardens

3.1One of the most amazing benefits of being a celebrity is the ability to create or simply own garden estates, city plots, sloped landscapes or oceanfront gardens. Some of the celebrity gardens resemble the quirky sense of humor of these celebs, while others complement the overall appeal of the home. Let us have a look at 5 of the best celebrity gardens.


Will and Jada Smith

This Hollywood power couple have a huge mansion in the Hollywood Hills that perfectly compliments their star power. The mansion not only has a large garden in the backyard but also has an artificial lake. Moreover, the mansion is also known to have 5 swimming pools and some tennis courts. The architectural design of their garden is known to be modern and it is home of some of the most expensive species of plants and grass.

3.2Julianne Moore

The garden in the Hollywood Hill home of Julianne Moore is known to be as beautiful as the actress. It has an abundance of garden beds, thick ivy and bluestone pavers, making it an excellent space to unwind or rehearse the lines. It is also reported that the actress also tends to the ivy in the garden herself whenever she stays here.

Mark Ruffalo

You might have seen the serene gardens with a beautiful lake in between where a young couple slowly rows ahead deep in love. This is exactly what you will see in Mark Ruffalo’s Hollywood Hill mansion. The mansion sports a large lawn and a beautiful pond.

3.3Jennifer Lawrence

The darling of Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence, recently posted this picture of her home in Beverly Hills on a social networking website. Amid all this lush greenery, it is difficult to see that the picture also has a multi-storey home. Thick ivy grows at the top of both the storeys, and French doors and windows complete the picture.


Sting and Trudie Styler

Sting and his partner Trudie Styler hired a professional gardener to tend to the garden in their house in Florence, Italy. It has beautiful beds of flowers and an amazing marble fountain. Gardeners work round the year to take care of this garden. The house is spread across 900-acres of land and the couple grows organic olive oil and grapes here for their family.

These are some of the best celebrity gardens that can inspire as well as make us envious at the same time. While some of these need a lot of professional care and maintenance, others are not so difficult or expensive to maintain.

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