Enviable Celebrity Bedrooms

1.1 There are a number of places in a celebrity’s home that we’d like make our own, but it is the bedrooms that make us go green with envy. Celebrity bedrooms look like the most comfortable and luxurious spots in the world, which shouldn’t come as a surprise because this is where they actually get their beauty sleep.

Let us have a look at 5 of the most enviable celebrity bedrooms.

  1. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

They have a sleek condo in Manhattan that features oak floors in herringbone pattern, a beautiful chef’s kitchen and offers panoramic views of the city. While the couple purchased this 3,310 sq.ft condo for a boggling $40 million, it has been heard that they are planning to rent it. You can rest your hearts out in their beautiful bedroom by paying $40 thousand a month.

  1. 1.2Robbert Pattinson

He has an expensive home in Hollywood Hills which is designed entirely in the traditional Hacienda-style. Right from the interiors to its exterior, everything about this home will leave you awestruck. Moreover, there is a direct access to the backyard of the home right from the bedroom and it has an exposed beam ceiling to further enhance the appearance of the home. Robert reportedly splurged $2.1 million for the home and we can all see why!

  1. Iggy Azalea and Nick Young

1.3They invested in this luxurious home in the Tarzana area of CA. Before Iggy and Nick, the house belonged to none other than Selena Gomes. The total area of this house is 6,620 sq.ft and the couple reportedly spent close to $3.45 million on this home. It has a total of 6 bedrooms that feature recessed ceiling, hardwood floors, and attractive French-styled doors that open to the backyard.

  1. Neil Patrick Harris

He invested in this large 8,000 sq.ft Harlem-Styled family home last year. The house has a spacious master bedroom that has large floor-to-ceiling windows. While this is the image of the bedroom before the couple moved in to the home, it is reported that they have made huge changes to the interiors of the home. Neil and his husband reportedly spent $4 million for this home.

  1. Kendall Jenner

She has her own condo in LA which she has completely remodeled to suit her taste. Her bedroom has an open-floor plan, a custom-designed kitchen, and designer finishes that have been imported from Italy. The large windows in the bedroom open towards the lush gardens that accompany the condo.

While it might be impossible for us to spend that amount of money on our homes, we surely can take inspirations from these enviable celebrity bedrooms.

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