It’s Easy To Color Your Hair at Home Like a Pro

Coloring your hair at home like a pro seems like a daunting task, but it’s easier than you think. You might even have some fun as you save a bundle of money.

Perhaps you’ve always left hair dying to the experts, afraid to try it yourself; maybe you tried it once and it was a disaster. Whatever your reluctance to dying your own hair, put it aside for now. Let us show you the fast and easy professional way to dye your hair in the comfort of your home.


Set The Stage For a Professional Job

Buy your hair dye at a chain drug store where you’ll find the largest selection, not at the dollar store because cheap chemicals can damage your hair. Start with a shade that’s close to your current hair color, whether natural or dyed; hair care specialists suggest going a shade or two lighter than what you have now.

Use a pair of fitted latex or nitrile gloves instead of the disposable plastic ones that come inside the box of hair color, as they will give you more dexterity to get at the roots. Be sure to cover your bathroom console with a dark colored towel, and be careful not to drip dye on counter tops. Professionals coat the hairline, ears and back of the neck with a thin layer of petroleum jelly before starting, and so should you.

Do your homework by reading the instructions, even if you’re the type that likes to wing it. Timing is everything; follow the recommended times carefully. When coloring your hair, five minutes more or less will make a dramatic difference, so stick to the script.


Color Your Hair Like a Pro

Divide your hair into four sections and put a large clip in each one. Unclip one section of hair and apply the color using an inexpensive hair color brush for a professional touch. Use a hand mirror and good lighting to check your roots in the back. When each section is completed, clip it back in place and go to the next section. Keep going until all four quadrants are colored evenly.

Most people don’t realize how important proper rinsing is to radiant hair. Here’s a trick professional colorists use to bring out the shine and luster. Make a 50/50 solution of water and leftover hair color, and massage the mixture into your hair for about two minutes. Now rinse your hair completely until the water runs clear.

Finally, you need to shampoo and condition your hair immediately after rinsing out the color, a step that do-it-yourself colorists tend to skip. Shampoo will remove leftover color in the hair that might irritate your scalp, but be sure to use a color-safe shampoo.

There…wasn’t that simple? It gets easier each time you color, and the savings can add up to hundreds of dollars a year. In fact, dying your own hair costs about the same as the tip would be at a hair salon. Once you find a brand and shade you really like, you’ll say goodbye to overpriced hair colorists forever.

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