The downside of celebrity makeup

6.1Each fan looks at his or her favorite celebrities with a feeling of awe and admiration. Their flawless skin and its perfect tone make him or her want to get the same. However, not all celebrities maintain it easily, as this perfect skin condition comes with its own set of requirements.


The reasons that make the skin care a terrible nightmare

Most of the fans frankly admire the skin condition and its tone of their favorite celebrities. Their life style, charisma, grace and demeanor attract the fans in a very passionate way. But there are some cons of being a celebrity too. Some actors and actresses have to apply various types of paints to perform and portray the roles of some characters. This type of cosmetics can affect the type and quality of the skin. And gradually, the skin tone, the smoothness and the radiant glow of the skin diminish over the course of time. Once, an actress was applied with 7 layers of brush paint for her role. That consisted of 5 shades of green, one gold paint and one plum. This whole process of applying the paint took more than an hour and the paint stayed on her skin for more than 12-16 hours, which made a negative impact on her skin.

6.2The harmful crisis created for celeb

The type of makeup mentioned above causes the building of occlusive barrier if it stays for a long period of time. This barrier blocks the type of pores present on the skin. And that is not even the main problem. The real crisis arises at the time when the paint has to be removed. The paint is removed by using a makeup remover that is based on oil and alcohol, and then aggressively rubbing it with hot towels. All these create a very tough situation for the celeb, as the whole process is very tiresome.

6.3The way this affects their skin

The actress saw that her skin became red and irritated. The extensive rubbing with the hot towels is considered to be a type of exfoliation. Fair skin also has fragile capillaries, so this can cause even more redness.

Even though the celebs enjoy good and extensive skin care, it is difficult for them to avoid the circumstances mentioned above. You should also use the best body and skin care products so that your skin glows forever.

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