The Dos and Don’ts of wearing yoga pants around town

1.1Yoga pants are the right attire for practicing yoga and training in the gym. No doubt they are the most comfortable to wear regularly. But if you hold them against the light you will realize how thin the material is and it exposes the pelvic region, buttocks and the outlines of the panties for all to see, which looks a little disgraceful.

Where should Yoga pants not be used?

Everybody will agree that yoga pants are very comfortable, but you will also agree that they cannot be used for a job interview. When you go for a job interview you should be decently attired with a proper dress or pant suit which is decent and not revealing more than concealing. Another place you cannot go wearing yoga pants is on a dinner date. For a dressy occasion yoga pants do not form any part of it. A formal place where there is a dress code , like a wedding or a birthday, you definitely cannot attend in yoga pants. Special functions have a dress code because they do not like improper dresses to spoil the elegance of the function.

1.2The Right Places to Wear Yoga Pants.

Yoga pants are the right attire for yoga practice, as it is very comfortable to practice yoga wearing them. They are also comfortable for workouts in the gym. They stretch as you work out following different physical movements. They can also be used while having a cup of coffee with your friends. During the winter months you can wear yoga pants with leather boots and leather jacket to go shopping, as this attire is very decent and not expose anything to embarrass anybody. It  is advisable to buy good yoga pants which have the right size and are not a size smaller, since they stretch and expose the dents and lines of your figure.

What type of dress is comfortable for different occasion?

Whenever you attend a place where there is a dress code, you have to follow it. It is customary to wear a decent outfit to office, as you represent an office that deals with a lot of people. So the status of the office has to be considered. Yoga pants are very comfortable for picnics and outings or barbecues with friends. They are fine for peer groups. There are some yoga pants which are very decent for public places while some are not. So it is left to you to check the decency of your outfits and use them.

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