DIY: How to Fringe the Hem of Your Jeans?

4.1Jeans have been a part of the fashion industry down through the ages. Now fringes on the hem of the jeans have become the current trend. It is ideal to do make a fringe on the jeans yourself instead of spending $295 on a pair of jeans with fringe.

How to Fringe the Hem of Jeans?

It is easy to fringe the hem without much trouble. Put the jeans on and mark the point till where you want the fringe of the jeans. Once it is done, remove the jeans and stitch it round so that the fringe does not extend up. Then cut the jeans keeping a strip one centimeter on both legs. After that, put the jeans in a dryer to give the fringe a nice shaggy look. Spread out the jeans on a table or bed and then pin the length of the fringe on the side of the hem and stitch it round on both sides of the hem so that it remains well. This is one way of making a fringe. In case you do not like this, here is another way!

4.2Another Way to Fringe the Hem of Jeans

If the technique mentioned above does not look appealing to you then here is another way to do it. Wear the jeans and mark the spot with a chalk where you like the hem of the jeans to be. After you have marked both the legs with chalk, remove the pair of jeans and spread it out on a flat table or bed. Then draw a line with the chalk on both legs. Now you have to cut the jeans using a sharp scissor till the marking. Then pull out the threads from the jeans using your hand. Very nicely comb the threads with your fingers slowly. Then, it is time to trim the treads so that they get the same size. After that, put the jeans in the dryer and it will give the fringe the look that you see on ready-made jeans.

4.3Clever way of using fringed jeans

Once the fringed jeans are out from the dryer, they will look exactly like the ready-made fringed jeans and you thus can wear them with beautiful stiletto heels to give a classy look. There is no better way of fringing the hem of the jeans then the one mentioned above. You can be sure the stiletto and jeans will add elegance to your attire.

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