The Classic Converse Sneaker Gets A Modern Look

After a successful makeover last year, Converse has a new look again this year for its iconic All Star

sneaker. The classic sports sneaker has combined the vision and talents of HTM and Nike to create a

modern update of the comfortable and fashionable shoe. The Converse All Star Modern retains the

All Star’s timeless silhouette but adds modern flare to the shoe that not only updates its comfort and

style but reinvents the shoe.


In 2015, Nike, Converse’s parent company, successfully released the Converse All Star II. While the All

Star II kept much of the classic Converse appearance, the new version offered more comfort technology

and added some tweaks to update the shoe. With the success of All Star II, this year, Converse has

released an even more modern sneaker, the Converse All Star Modern. Available in a limited leather

edition and a permanent canvas edition, the All Star Modern adds more comfort technology and durability,

and while maintaining the basic features of the original “Chucks”, gives the shoe a makeover to make it

more modern and more of a statement shoe.


The Converse brand was created over a century ago and quickly became the leading sports shoe. With its

lightweight canvas and rubber soles, this was the shoe worn by basketball players. Basketball player,

Charles “Chuck” Taylor, promoted the shoe in schools throughout the United States in in the 1920s. Over

the decades, the Chuck Converse remained popular appealing, not only to athletes, but artists, musicians

and movie stars. Today, the classic Converse sneaker appeals to several generations as a fashion

statement and as a comfortable shoe that goes anywhere.


The Converse All Star Modern was created with the collaboration of Nike’s innovative designers Hiroshi

Fjiwara, Tinker Hatflick and Matt Parker (HTM) The sleeker style retains the All Star’s classic silhouette with

increased comfort. The more lightweight, flexible, comfortable and durable model features Nike’s

proprietary comfort technology including a Neoprene tongue. The shoes are embossed with the classic All

Star patch and with a subtle HTM logo on the heel tab. The contemporary new style retains the sports

heritage look of the Converse sneaker with additions of modern design to create a fashionable shoe that makes a statement.


The Converse All Star Modern comes in 2 editions. A Limited edition is made of goat weather that only

softens with wear. The classic All Star patch is embossed on the sides of the shoe. These leather models

retain the classic Converse silhouette and are available in white, black, Action Red, Lucid Green and Soar

Blue. It retails for $180.


The second edition will be a permanent part of Nike’s Converse collection. The modern design is just like

the leather version with upgraded durability and comfort but is canvass just like the iconic Chuck Taylor

All Stars. This version is available in high and low top and retails for $140.


With over a century of consistent style, comfort and durability, Converse All Stars continue to remain a

staple in popular culture. The All Star Modern takes the iconic shoe to a new level. No loner considered

just a sports sneaker, the All Star Modern is a shoe that proves to stand the test of time.

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