Choosing the Right Summer Outfit for Your Job

When you were young, you were told simply to “dress nice” for your job. When you got older, you were advised to dress for success. No one ever mentioned that you also need to dress appropriately for your workplace. After all, a short-order cook does not dress the same as an account executive, so be sure to match your outfits to your vocation. Let’s look at some of the most popular jobs in the country, and how to tailor your wardrobe accordingly.


Purely Professional

Dressing for an office position can be tricky in the summer. Although the weather outside may be unbearably hot and humid, offices are generally pretty cold places. With the air conditioner on full blast all day, your office can become uncomfortable. A breezy, flowing skirt is your best bet because it’s long enough to appear professional and airy enough to keep you cool as a cucumber, while shielding you from the frigid air.


The Outside Scoop

If you’re lucky enough to have a job in the great outdoors, avoid wearing cutoff shorts that might make you look like a bum. Instead, wear structured shorts for a more professional look that helps you stay cool in the summer without exposing too much skin.

beach outfit for work


Ready For Action

You may have a job that requires a lot of physical activity, in which case you’ll need a versatile outfit that looks great but also gives you room to move. If you’re a nanny or a dogwalker, for example, you’ll want something fun and functional. Try a stylish combination of jeans and a cute cotton top, and add comfortable flats for your feet.

summer outfit for work

Dress for Success

If you work at a high-class establishment like a country club or resort, you’ll want to be semi-formal yet still approachable. For that you’ll need a good-looking dress, understated jewelry and a sweater in case you get the chills. Go easy on the accessories, however, because you’re still at work.

Summer clothing for work

Beach or Pool

Summer clothing for jobIf you work as a lifeguard, a lot of people would probably like to trade jobs with you. Your “uniform” will likely be an official-looking bathing suit (and plenty of sunscreen). After all, a lifeguard needs to be ready to jump into action at a moment’s notice but also look like an authority figure when an emergency arises. You’ll need to cover up on the way to and from work, so a cotton dress or romper and jean shorts make the best outfit.

We hope these fashion pointers help you find the right balance of style and function for your workplace. A good rule of thumb is to dress slightly better than the customers you serve, but your company may have a more specific dress code, so be sure to find out before you go shopping.


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