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It’s Easy To Color Your Hair at Home Like a Pro

Coloring your hair at home like a pro seems like a daunting task, but it’s easier than you think. You might even have some fun as you save a bundle of money. Perhaps you’ve always left hair dying to the experts, afraid to try it yourself; maybe you tried it once and it was a […]


Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you understand the problems and frustrations that go along with it. Blackheads and acne, shiny skin and makeup that is always slip-sliding away are the norm. Of course, there are positives – your skin is always moisturized, tans better and will age slower than your drier-skinned friends. Still, dealing with […]


Tips for Dry Skin

If a person has skin that is rough, dull, flakey, and itchy they may be suffering from dry skin. Dry skin can lead to a number of issues including premature aging, wrinkles, and a tired appearance. If a person does have dry skin their pores are almost invisible can be a positive thing. Dry skin […]

The Classic Converse Sneaker Gets A Modern Look

After a successful makeover last year, Converse has a new look again this year for its iconic All Star sneaker. The classic sports sneaker has combined the vision and talents of HTM and Nike to create a modern update of the comfortable and fashionable shoe. The Converse All Star Modern retains the All Star’s timeless […]


How to Clean Your Beauty Blender

The creation of the beauty blender was a huge addition to the beauty products market. Very much in texture like the old makeup sponges, beauty blenders combine various shapes and colors to create a tool that, as its name implies, blends foundation and other liquid/cream makeup perfectly and with ease. With its fun look and […]


Choosing the Right Summer Outfit for Your Job

When you were young, you were told simply to “dress nice” for your job. When you got older, you were advised to dress for success. No one ever mentioned that you also need to dress appropriately for your workplace. After all, a short-order cook does not dress the same as an account executive, so be […]


11 Reasons Going Braless is the World’s Best Feeling

If you’ve ever been inclined to go braless, but were met with shrieks of disdain from your mother or your best friend, don’t give up hope. While it’s true that some women really need to wear a bra due to breast size or comfort, many others may find it quite possible and quite liberating not […]


Incredible Kimonos To Wear To The Beach

Kimonos are hitting the beach. This is not just a fashion trend, but a classic fashion staple that makes a cool statement worn as a cover up. A kimono makes a glamorous, breezy cover up unlike the typical plain cover ups seen all of the time. With many styles and prints to choose from, it’s […]


Denim Dress – 8 Ways to wear it in style

Denim is one of those fabrics that is a forever classic. Now that summer is here, it’s often too hot to wear jeans, but thankfully, there are other options to wear denim in the summer that are cute, fun and will keep you cool. One of these options is a denim dress. With so many […]