Actress Amanda Crew’s skin and beauty secrets

5.1There are various celebs who manage to look great and possess the perfect skin. These celebs are admired by their fans due to their ever-glowing skin and the perfect tone they have. One such celebrity is Amanda Crew.

Her secret for having a perfect skin

Amanda Crew, most popularly known for the HBO show “Silicon Valley,” has a fine skin. She has a down to earth personality and is a very funny person. She has impressed the audience by her beauty and grace. She says that she washes her face without any change in schedule every night before sleeping and every morning after waking up. She uses a cleanser, then the toner and then the moisturizer. She adds that she is trying to strictly follow the routine of applying her sunscreen on a daily basis. Since she lives in LA, this becomes an important factor because of the presence of the sunny days that make it difficult to hide your face from getting damaged from the sun. She also says that having a super sensitive skin has its own cons and she has to be much disciplined in order to achieve the perfectly toned, smooth and flawless skin.

5.2Her skin care secrets

She tries a SPF that does not cause any type of allergic reaction to her. Due to some obvious reasons, she has to put on makeup almost all the day. For that reason, she tries to stay away when it comes to wearing foundation in her normal life. Her normal look is just a job of quick makeup and a little bit of precisely applied mascara.

5.3Her biggest beauty tip

The biggest beauty tip that the rising star gives to her fans is exfoliation. She says that she did not suffer from any type of breakouts until recently. She learned it in the hard way that the skin has a hard time shedding if you do not exfoliate. So clogging of all the pores can occur anytime. She even claims that she relies on exfoliation to make her skin appear more radiant before joining any big event.

In the above-mentioned ways, Amanda Crew is able to keep her skin look extra soft with a smooth texture. The radiance of her skin and her glowing aura can be attributed to the perfectly disciplined way in which she cares for her skin on a daily basis.

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