Discover the latest celebrity style and fashion, clothes, accessories and beauty tips provided by a group of crazy fashionistas who are addicted to celebrities world! Follow us to see who wore what, the designer that made it, and where to get it. We’ll tell you Everything …


You will find us writing about :

– News
Breaking up or making up! Eloping or simply popping to the shops – whatever the stars are doing, you’ll find all the hot news, pictures and latest videos here.

– Celebrities look
Find out where your favorite celebrities buy their new clothes and how you can exactly get their looks for less.

– Trending Styles
We will keep you updated about the latest fashion trends, new outfit ideas and the latest fashion styles! Because getting you current and modern is our goal!

– Makeup
From vampy to playful look, innocent face to vixenlike, follow along o as we share the most memorably gorgeous celebrity makeup styles of the year.

– Hairstyles
Celebrity hairstyles are a great example to look at when planning your new hairstyle. Of course it helps that celebrities are everywhere, but you also have to keep an eye here on the latest celebrity hairstyles.

– Skin care
Get skin care tips from celebs and the Fun-Fashion Beauty Smarties!  Find out which skincare products your favorite stars use!

– Homes in Style
Ever wondered what the homes of the big stars look like? Wonder no more about it. We give you a special insider tour of the most amazing celebrity houses, and tips to decorate your home too.

– Pets in style
What happens when celebrities become mega stars? Their adorable pets become famous too. From adopted ponies to the cutest kittens! Discover there news, and many tips to pumper your lovely pets

– Workouts in style
Get fashion fit with our new tips for sportswear and gym clothing. We will cover Cycling, hiking, gym, and everything you will need to always workout like celebrities do 😉

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