7 Makeup Removers Kim Kardashian Swears By That Legitimately Work

7 Makeup Removers Kim Kardashian Swears By That Legitimately Work

You can easily count on the Kardashian products for the upcoming years. Kardashian’ products pave their way to our vanities and bathroom cabinets with super ease.

Kim Kardashian’s Affirmation


Today, every businessperson loves to keep an open contact with public to update the information regarding the products and attract potential clients as well. The recently talked products by Kim Kardashian were the makeup removers without what she can’t imagine her life. Although the statement sound bold and a bit dramatic, you can easily expect Kim Kardashian stating these lines to catch more hype.

1-Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser

If you are looking for an extraordinary face wash that evenly applies on your face with smooth and fine consistencies, try Glossier Milk Jelly cleanser that will give you velvety skin. However, check your skin type before buying it, as it is reported to develop rash on a sensitive skin.

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2-Neutrogena makeup remover towelettes

Those thick mascara strokes and smoky eyes make it hard to remove makeup and thus you end up making mess every time. But alcohol-free remover wipes are soft with your skin and remove everything off with ease.

3-Bioderma Sensibio H2O

It is ideal for those women who frequently apply thick coats of makeup, like ramp models and Hollywood stars. But you can also use this mi-cellar water as part of your routine makeup ritual. It melts makeup with just a single application.


4-Grown Alchemist Eye Makeup Remover

If you are in trouble with fine lines around your eye socket along with itchy and watery eyes, grab this product. Customer reviews give it a  mixed product rating, but at least, all have a consensus that it does not leave eyes irritated and greasy like other products.


5-Tatcha Pure One-step Camela Cleansing Oil

Lazy girls, this product is definitely ideal for all of you since you have double advantage while applying this oil! You can easily remove your make up with its application, yet sustain natural skin hydration and moisture.

6-Nars Makeup Removing Water

It is one of the finest makeup removers that leaves skin super soft like babies, yet friendly with eyes. It is water-based that not only removes makeup but also tones skin in single application.

7-Givenchy 2 Clean to be True Eye Makeup Remover

A great combo of oil-and water-based essentials that enables to wipe off makeups easily of stubborn waterproof products. It is light in application and does not give heavy oily feel which other products give.

You really need to decide whether Kim’s products live up to the mark and go with the hype created with it. Feel free to post your reviews to let other people know about the efficiency of these products.

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