3 Ways to Nail Over-the-Knee Boots This Season​

7.1With the arrival of fall, there is nothing better than to keep your feet warm with over-the-knee boots . You can match this with a nice sunny blue dress paired with a cardigan. Since tweeds have recently made their appearance, over-the-knee boots can be followed for keeping you warm and cozy. Over-the-knee boots can be used on a daily basis in your everyday life.

Over-the-Knee boots are the trend of this Fall

This fall, you will find over-the-knee boots in different colors, such as grey and black. Since the weather too will be favorable, it is wise to try them. They have become as popular as flat sandals have been all along. It is easy to put them off as well.  It is best to opt for a style that is chic and sophisticated to demonstrate a lean fit. When models walk on the catwalk, the over-the-knee boots appear  easy to pull out. But when you actually try to put them on yourself, it could be a little different. They look very elegant with a short skirt or a long dress that is cut on the thigh level.

7.2How over-the-knee boots have taken over fashion world?

Over-the-Knee boots has been in the fashion industry since the last year. You can remove your dusty ones from the shoe rack and buy a new one and follow the trend. Since it is fall, there is nothing better than the over-the-knee boots to keep your feet warm. Over-the-knee boots can be well matched with tie, waist skirts and dresses with  faux sleeves tied in front. These boots can be seen at most of the fashion houses, so you can eas pick them and enjoy these trendy outfits.

7.4How to follow the lady like trend?

It is not so easy to wear the over-the-knee boots. The trend of these boots is to show no part of legs . So if you decide to go out in a shift dress on a pinafore, it will be best to wear a roll top below it and top it up with a bag with tassels and a fedora. Whenever you decide to wear over-the-knee boots, it is best to stay away from figure-hugging dresses and opt for over-sized dresses that are chunky and comfortable. Wearing this footwear to office is the next best thing to do since it is the current trend. Get skinny dark jeans, as they can be flattering to your legs and top them with a crisp white shirt.

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