6.1The duchess of Cambridge is one great woman who is followed by the world over in terms of what she wears and how she presents herself. Looking at most of her pictures you could tell that she carefully picks her outfits, and this is true given that she shops both bespoke and high street fashion stores. Her fashion background goes way back to the days and you’ll be surprised with these eighteen facts about her fashion sense.

She once worked in the fashion industry

Kate worked as an accessories buyer for the British fashion chain jig saw, in 2006 when she was 24 years old and still dating Prince William.

Goes shopping at Lululemon

Kate loves her exercise gear straight from Lululemon.

You Love Free Clothes? Not Kate!

Katherine Hooker, one of Kate’s go-to designers very well stated that Kate doesn’t take free clothes which designers and PR agencies gift her with. This happened not just to her, but also to other people who gifted her with clothes. Quite unlike many other celebrities who would even need to be paid to wear a designer’s clothes!

6.2She loves department stores

Peter Jones department store in London is one of her favorite shopping stores, apart from many others.

Asks for assistance in store

When Kate visited Amaia Kid’s Store for her son’s clothing, she did not hesitate to ask the designer, Amaia Arietta for help with choosing clothing for her infant.

Shops at Outlet Stores

Kate bought her Missoni coat from outlet stores located at Bicester village, which is on the outskirts of London.

Orders go straight to the Palace

Whenever designers see the shipping address going to Kensington Palace, London, they know that it is Kate doing the shopping.

6.3Her Fashion Sense Changes Lives

Kate once wore a suit made by designer Rebecca Taylor of New Zealand. The designer recounts how she fluttered up to heaven when she saw Kate visit her homeland in one of her design pieces.

She loves colors

Daniella Helayel, the designer who made Kate’s blue dress which she wore to her engagement announcement in 2010 recounts that Kate embraced color at a very young age.

A fashion show is where her romance with Will started

Kate modeled a see through dress at a charity fashion show back in 2002. It is believed that her catwalk turn is what caught the eye of Prince William.

And the dress sold later for over $100,000

At an auction held in 2011, Charlotte Todd, the see-through dress designer sold the dress to an unidentified buyer for $125,000.

She doesn’t hire a fashion stylist

Kate is quite unlike most other celebrities. She doesn’t have a full time fashion stylist but instead, one of her assistants (Natasha Archer) helps her around, encouraging her to try some of the edgier outfits.

Her Wedding Dress was under confidentiality

That why you didn’t get to hear much about it, as the designer, Sarah Burton signed a confidential agreement sealing off her lips of giving details of the now famed Alexander McQueen gown.

She doesn’t give designers advance notice…

On what she wants to buy; she just walks in and picks what she desires!

She once designed Jewelry

Claudia Bradby has worked with Kate during the time she was at Jigsaw at designing a piece of jewelry which was released on its own.

She Customizes her clothes

Kate is fond of updating most of the pieces she buys from different designers. A good example is the Anita Dongre dress that was customized from the original Gul Buksh sharara and jacket.

Buying in Bulk is also her favorite

It is well stated by designers that when Kate loves something, she buys it in bulk.

Donatella Versace would love to dress her

The designer once noted that Kate has a great figure, she could wear anything.

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