Get Ready: A Rihanna Makeup Line Is Coming

Get Ready: A Rihanna Makeup Line Is Coming

3.1Taking the footsteps of Kylie Jenner, another celebrity is stepping into the makeup business. She is nobody else but the famous, Rihanna! Kelly Jenner’s lip kits are having sky-high demands in the recent time, but it is hoped that her position will be soon taken over by Rihanna.


Influential Rihanna

Rihanna possesses a prominent place in every teenager’s heart. She is influencing youngsters of our generation with music history, fresh-ass sneaks and magazine covers. The recent declaration by Rihanna on starting new makeup line was like the prayers of her fans have been answered. Her fans were overwhelmed with this announcement and they are now desperately waiting for the launch. So guys, pull your socks and start saving your money in your piggy banks since the time is narrowing down to the launch. It is a matter of only few months after which you can listen Rihanna’s songs and apply Rihanna makeup.

3.2Fenty Beauty

According to different reliable sources, deal has been finalized between Rihanna and Kendo, division of Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, to introduce new makeup line with the name- Fenty Beauty. Fans of Rihanna are desperate to get the new creation but the wait is not over yet. The product is expected to launch in the fall of 2017.

3.3Making space for Rihanna products

Collaborations are not new for Rihanna. She has collaboration with MAC cosmetics in the past for Viva Glam collection and currently holds partnership with Parlux Ltd, which also creates Rihanna aromatic line. Although Rihanna and CEO of Kendo were happy and excited about the deal, they have kept the secrecy to the highest level and have not disclosed much details yet. They only talked about their vision of touching the sky and aiming for stars. It is hoped, as claimed by Rihanna and CEO kendo, that Fenty Beauty will target the global audience and we will surely need to empty our vanities to make space for Rihanna products.

Hopes are really high about Fenty Beauty and it is expected that it will give a tough competition to Kylie Jenner products. But Kylie can’t be underestimated at any cost. As we know, she is good at surprises. So she might pop up with an exceptional product out of nowhere. The makeup audience is expected to enjoy high-quality and standard products resulting from the competition between both of them. Hold your breath as the competition is getting fierce.

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